What is meant by cookies?
A cookie is a small text file that our site saves on your computer or mobile device when
you visit it. Thanks to cookies, the site retains, over a period of time, your actions and preferences, so
you do not have to re-enter them every time you return to the site or navigate from one page to
How are cookies used?
Cookies are used for authentication, for tracking visitor behaviour, for recognizing the device used and
for adapting the content in a way that is as relevant and agreed by the user, without retaining his
personal data. For example, when authenticating a user, the server remembers that the user has logged
in and will allow specific actions to the authenticated users. Cookies provide a faster, more convenient
and easier interaction between users and the site, for example: online privacy preferences or products
saved in the shopping cart.
Enabling cookies is not strictly necessary for the operation of the site, but it can improve your browsing
experience. You can delete or block cookies, but if you do, some features of the site may not work
The information associated with cookies is not used to personally identify you. In addition, we keep
track of your browsing preferences. Cookies are not used for purposes other than those described here.
Types of cookies used
We use 3 types of cookies:

  1. Session-specific cookies that store an indicator that allows the user to move from one page of the site
    to another without having to log in each time (so remember that the user has logged in). These cookies
    are automatically deleted when the browser you are browsing closes.
  2. Permanent or stored cookies – are temporary files that remain in the user’s terminal until the end of
    the session or closing the application (web browser). The fixed files remain on the user’s terminal for a
    period in the cookie parameters or until they are manually deleted by the user, maximum 30 days. In
    addition to the authentication information, the permanent cookies may also retain details regarding and the products added to the shopping cart.
  3. “Third-party” cookies that are generated by Google Analytics, Facebook and / or other systems.
    Use of cookies on
    A visit to this site may place cookies for the following purposes:
    Site performance cookies
    Geotargeting cookies
    Registration cookies

Process cookies – help the website to function and provide the services expected by the visitor. For
example, browsing web pages or accessing secure areas of the website. Without these cookies, the
website cannot function properly.
Security cookies – to authenticate users, to prevent fraudulent use of login data and to protect user data
against unauthorized access.
How can you control cookies?
You can control and / or delete cookies as you wish – for details, see You can delete all
cookies from your computer and set most browsers to block their placement. If you do this, you may
have to set some preferences manually each time you visit the site. Some services or options may also
not work.