About Honergy

Our Story

At Honergy we don’t just sell honey, we educate people about the health benefits of this miraculous liquid gold ‘super food’ that is a true gift from nature. The range of exclusive Honey we deal with is fully certified and our Master Beekeeper with over 20 years’ experience in beekeeping ensures that the bee farm is in full conformity with the conditions and regulations for the Organic farming sector. The bee farms are inspected annually, as well as being subject to random inspections. 

More About Us

The Master of The Bees

In 1997, the foundations of our bee farm were laid, with the purchase of a couple bee colonies. It was the year in which the first experience in the field of beekeeping was accumulated, but also the one in which the first production of honey was obtained, mainly mountain polyflora honey in the remote mountainous region of Carpathian Mountains.

How We Produce Our Honey

At Honergy production of honey starts with a Bee. In order to ensure the full traceability of honey the process begins when the foraging bee sits on a flower and collects nectar from it. Most plants use nectar to encourage insects to stop from flower to flower. During collection, insects transfer pollen from one plant to another and thus pollination takes place.


 Honey is the fastest and most powerful natural energy in the history of mankind, thanks to the bees and their effort in producing it

The Master of The Bees